Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University

Re-Accredited with "A" Grade by NAAC

(Formerly known as Amravati University)

Shri Sant Gadge Baba


Vision :

to contribute to the society through the pursuit of education, learning and research at the highest level of excellence


The Department of Sociology is committed to excellence in teaching, research and extension activities in the fields of rural and urban areas in India and particularly in Vidarbha region by providing necessary guidance and support for students and staff

Goals/Objectives the Department

  • To impart qualitative higher knowledge & guidance in the subject at MA; M.Phil & Ph.D levels.
  • To equip the students with the latest sociological knowledge, research aptitudes & skills.
  • To organize remedial coaching classes for the backward students who belong to the SC, ST and Minorities communities.
  • To provide opportunities & encourage students for carrying on research works.
  • To encourage the students for various competitive examinations i.e. SET/ NET/MPSC/UPSC etc.
  • To strengthen research in the thrust area of the department namely: Sociology of Marginalized Communities & Sociology of Development, Rural & Urban Society In India.
  • To undertake major / minor research projects pertaining to especially the local issues & problems in the region.
  • To organize Seminars / Conferences / Workshops/& disseminate advanced knowledge among students.
  • To undertake extension activities & establish linkage with the local communities.

About Department

The PG Department of Sociology was established on 16th October 1990. At present, this Department is one of the leading Departments (besides, the Department of Law and the Department of Library Science) under the Faculty of Social Sciences in Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati. Initially, the Department was headed by a number of coordinators i.e Dr. Sou. W.D.Bijawe(16-10-1990 to 28-09-1992),Dr. S.S. Kaptan(29-09-1992 to 17-10-1993),and Dr.M.R.Deshmukh(18-10-1993 to 25-08-1999). Sou. Vandana .D. Guddhe was Head in charge from 26-08-1999 to 28-04-2000. Then Shri. A.G. Somavanshi was also Head in charge from 29-04-2000 to 31-01-2001. Shri. Rakesh Thakur was the first HOD from 01-02-2001 to 21-10-2003. Since 22-10-2003 till 16th July 2009, Shri. Kishor. U. Raut was second HOD. Dr. K.B. Nayak had been working in the Department as a Permanent Lecturer since 13th September 2005 and on 30th August 2009 he was promoted as Associate Professor (Reader). From 17th July 2009 to 30th November 2009, Dr. K.B. Nayak worked in the Department as third HOD. Dr. B.K. Swain joined the Department and worked as Professor and Head from 1st December 2009 to 30th September 2010. From 1st October 2010 onwards, Dr. K.B. Nayak has been working as HOD. At present, the Department has the following faculty positions i.e i) Professor-01,ii) Reader-02, iii)Lecturer-02.

The department offers a full time two years teaching course leading to Post Graduation course and Regular M.Phil course (it was during 1993-194 &1994-1995) and Vacational M.Phil course (during 2006-2008). The department has intake capacity of 60 students for M.A.-I and M.A.-II respectively and 40 students for M.Phil Vacational course. There were 35 students enrolled in M.Phil Vacational course during the academic year 2006-2008. However, in an average, there are about 40 to 50 students in both the parts in every academic year. The PG syllabus of the Department is based on Annual Pattern at present. A New Credit System Syllabus was proposed during 2009-10 academic year but a Semester System Syllabus was found as an alternative one. Thus, a Semester System Syllabus is designed as per the needs of academics and the guidelines given by UGC as well as demands for various competitive examinations. The curriculum of the Department is supposed to be revised after every five years. The Time Table of both M.A Part-I & Part-II are made on the basis of existing workload every year. Two teachers of the Department Dr. K.B. Nayak and Dr. K.U. Raut are recognized Ph.D supervisors. During last 5 years, eight Ph. D students have registered under the supervision of Dr. K.B.Nayk and only one student Dr. Rohini Deshmukh has been awarded with her Ph.D Degree in 2014-15 while the work of other seven Ph. D students is in progress.

The department is mainly involved in imparting both theoretical and field work knowledge to students in the subject. The Department was associated with a Centre For Human Rights Awareness and Education, Buddhist Studies Centre and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Studies Centre of Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University. The faculties of the Department Dr. K.B. Nayak and Dr. K.U. Raut have also completed two Major Research Projects of the UGC on 1) “ Farmers’ \ Peasants Suicide in Vidarbha Region of Maharashtra : A Sociological Study”, and 2) “Poverty and Starvation Deaths in Melghat Area of Maharashtra – An Interdisciplinary Study”. They have also completed two Minor Research Projects of Dr. Ambedkar Studies Centre of the University. A number of seminars, workshops and conferences were organized by the Department since it’s establishment. Besides various curricular and co-curricular activities are also carried on by the Department every year.